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Agility is bad in Defenders of the Light

MAR. 17, 2021

Did you know that the Agility stat in Defenders of the Light is really bad? That’s why our heroes don’t have Agility as their primary stat. Each 3 points of Agility increases armor by 1. However, with the change in armor, 1 point of armor doesn’t mean anything to the hero at all.


Compilation of most items and custom items used in Defenders of the Light

MAR. 7 2021

This collection of items is now included in the description of the map. After finishing the campaign, you can take a look at this wall and see what item combinations you can come up with.


Storm Bolt Items for Adias

MAR. 8, 2021

Storm Bolt is one of Adias' spells. However, it is not used as often as Healing Wave. The more units there are, the more benefits Healing Wave gives you during a fight. I find myself using Healing Wave most of the time, not Storm Bolt.

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