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Hello, I'm Tim, also known as ThinhHo on the HIVE workshop. I'm a Mechanical Engineer. Video game has been a part of my life and I take great joy in making my own contents. Red Alert 2, Starcraft were some of my childhood games that defined who I am as a gamer today. I made Starcraft custom maps for quite some time before getting into making Warcraft 3 maps in 2015. Back then I was fascinated by how lovely the graphics of Warcraft 3 were. I dreamt of how cool it would be to make an RPG world out of its editor, yet I was intimidated by how complicated the programming and triggering process worked. Not until I tried picking it up and opening up the maps of the Founding of Durotar...

Defenders of the Light started out as only some customizations of the Founding of Durotar campaign. New units were added, along with new quests, new events, new enemy scaling, etc. The trickiest things to learn were learning to putting together the spawning system and the transition system. Having to figure out everything by yourself with no background in computer science made the hours of trails and errors quite a challenging but very enjoyable process. Hours and hours of iteration led me to being quite skilled in using the World Editor of Warcraft 3 :)

After several simple maps were made with the transition system, I started to think of making a campaign. The story was developed from there. Now we are here, to enjoy this work of art. I hope you will enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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