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A Warcraft III

Custom Campaign

Campaign Cover 3.png

Defenders of the Light is an original Warcraft 3 campaign inspired by the Founding of Durotar. The campaign took from it inspiration and built on it new and unique elements that many campaigns do not have.


RPG In the style of the Founding of Durotar

Unique minigames and special contents with complex mechanics

Beautiful and Impactful Story

Huge Amount of Maps

A story that aims to touch your heart and makes itself memorable

Custom Units and AIs

A big world to explore with many secrets

Map Transitioning System

Advanced units and AIs in later game content that keeps you on your toes

Discover the unique possibility of a Warcraft 3 campaign with a system that is rarely utilized


Below are some characters of Defenders of the Light. I put so much thoughts into creating them. Their life, their past, their future, their fear and their desires have been developed for a long time until this day.

Character - Adias Lothian.png

Enjoy some artistic shots that were taken during the creation and gameplay of Defenders of the Light. Using the assets of Warcraft 3 and custom assets created by the community, I was able to create some magnificent terrains and sceneries for the campaign.

Enjoying what you see?

If you do, give the game a try.


Inspired by The Founding of Durotar Campaign, yet unsatisfied by how short but fascinating the campaign was, this campaign aims to create a bigger world with more areas and various styles of gameplay. Note that the campaign follows none of the Warcraft or World of Warcraft lore. It takes place at a different world despite using the names of some of the same characters in Warcraft.
This campaign was first developed based on the idea of gameplay and exploration. Even though the Rexxar Campaign was amazing, it was kinda short for my taste. For the longest time, I have always wanted to create a campaign like that but bigger and more diverse in term of gameplay. My first thoughts were to make as many maps as possible. Therefore, more play-styles can be implemented such as regular RTS games, defense games, arena games, puzzles, MOBA, mini-games and many more, into only one single campaign. And here it is, this RPG campaign is the result of that.


Special Thanks

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